About Us

About Us

Established since August 2011, at the earliest time MNC Travel was only serving for all MNC Group's travel arrangement such as for Directors, Managers, Artist, Crew, or all staff who travel for business. In 2014, we decided to develop our wings with began to targeting consumers outside MNC Group. Then we recorded a very rapid growth with a surge in the number of clients, both from corporate and individual clients and the number of sales that continue to increase. By carrying out the tagline "One Stop Service", we are committing to provide you with a one-stop service where you can find all your travel needs ranging from Airplane Tickets, Tours, Hotels, Passports, Visas, Car Rentals, Wifi, MICE, Credit Facilities and other needs.

"One Stop Service"

MNC Travel's commitments in providing one-stop service for your travel needs, including:

1. Flight Reservation & Ticketing

2. Hotel Reservations

3. Land Transportation

4. MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Corporate, Event)

5. Leisure

6. Travel Documents

7. Pilgrim Trips

8. Premium Service

9. Payment Solutions

10. 24 hour-services

1. Flight Reservation & Ticketing

Flight is one of the most important things on your trip. We understand that a good flight experience is worth for every customer. To fulfill your flight satisfaction, we work with the best airlines in the world. We ensure that our customers will always get the best service.

For the first step in booking a ticket, you will be served by our ticketing team who are experienced in their fields. Then our team will assist you in choosing the airline that is most suitable for you based on your airline preferences, route, date & time, and adjusting the ticket price budget that you expect.

2. Hotel Reservation

The best place to unwind after spending time on your trip is a comfortable resting place and a warm blanket. We really understand your comfort is one of the important priorities in our service.

By providing the best and competitive prices, MNC Travel collaborates with hotels around the world. The standards of comfort and friendliness we provide for our customers. Comfort standards are not only determined by space and time, but also by service and friendliness so that you will feel comfort comprehensively.

3. Land Transportations

We strongly believe that land transportation is as important as other transportation, whether as an entrepreneur or even a backpacker, or if you are traveling for a business trip, vacation, honeymoon, or even visiting your relatives. Of course you want to have a comfortable land transportation experience when you travel.

MNC Travel works with some of the best land transportation agents to meet the needs of your vehicle. There are also large capacity transportation equipment such as minibuses, train tickets, tourism buses or any car that you need, you can get with MNC Travel.

4. MICE (Meeting, Incentive, Corporate, Event)

Experience in handling one of the largest media companies in Southeast Asia (MNC Group) makes our MICE services unquestionable. In handling MICE, we provide exclusive, unique and attractive services to each customer to match their needs and requests in every moment of travel. You will enjoy valuable and unforgettable experiences with us.

5. Leisure

A pleasant vacation will get you out of the tiring daily routine that is boring. We fully understand this need by providing the best vacation choice with a variety of destinations and adjusting to your budget. The choice of several group tour products and our other individual and auxiliaries products such as : Attraction Tickets, Cruise, Travel Insurance, Travel Wifi Kit, Travel Insurance, etc will complement your exciting holiday experience!

6. Travel Document

Each of your trips, especially overseas trips, will be guaranteed if you have prepared travel documents such as Passports and Visas before departure. With the Travel Documents service from MNC Travel, you no longer need to spend time to arrange or submit the required documents yourself to the embassy or immigration concerned. Our Document Services have Document Handler that is trusted and very well integrated with all foreign embassies and immigration offices in Indonesia. This will ensure the documents you need are completed on time and your trip will be guaranteed to arrive at the destination country.

7. Pilgrim Trip

Pilgrimage is one of the practices of most religious people who have important moral meaning. By going to the Holy Place, the Pilgrims fill find goals to recall, strengthen faith or purify soul. Pilgrimage Trip with MNC Travel will take you to amazing places and strengthen your faith. Have an amazing experience that will change your life with MNC Travel!

8. Premium Service

As for Premium Services, we offer something very different and special specifically for those of you who want to enjoy a trip with premium facilities and quality. Together with MNC Travel, you will be served with our Premium Trip Handlers who are experienced in their fields and adjust to your request. 

9. Payment Solutions

Payment of all MNC Travel's products that you need will be easier with the payment solutions we provide. By having payment services with well-known banks, such as MNC Bank, BCA, Mandiri, Maybank, BNI, OVO, and many more that will make it easier for you to transact and enjoy your trip easily.

10. 24 hour-services

MNC Travel gives you complete services for 24/7 (twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week) to support all of your travel needs. With this service, we are here and ready to help you wherever and whenever you are.

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PT. Holiawisata Indah ( MNC Travel )



iNews Tower 8th Floor, MNC Center,

Jl. Kebon Sirih No.17-19 – Jakarta 10340

Phone : (+62 21 ) 3190 5999 (hunting)

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Tour - Holyland - Hotel Department

iNews Tower 8th Floor, MNC Center

Jl. Kebon Sirih No.17-19 – Jakarta 10340

Phone : (+62 21) 392 0123 (hunting)

Whatsapp : 0811 828 0808

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Whatsapp : 0878 8000 0909

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Gedung INDOVISION  Lantai 1 Unit B 

Jl. Diponegoro No.109 Denpasar, Bali 80114 - Indonesia 

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Gedung Bursa Efek Indonesia Surabaya

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Surabaya 60271 - Indonesia

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